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{ ...More than just a coding bootcamp }

You can learn some coding skills in some online bootcamps, for sure. Code-Fusion will offer more. We will be offering a connection alongside your education, with a hands on approach, we are passionate about enabling our future students' success. We will be there from the first day, all the way to your new career, and beyond.

Code-Fusion is an online coding school in the greater San Antonio area. We are licensed by the Texas Workforce Commission to teach software development in JavaScript and Python, with future potential classes in JAVA and Cybersecurity.

Interested in changing your future?

Signup for a Code 101 Class. Use the code #newcareer for 50% off through Eventbrite.

Other curriculums will get you only so far

"A Worldwide Developer Population and Demographic Study 2020 published by Evans Data showed the software developer population grew by 500,000 in 2020. COVID-19 slowed the expected growth by 1.4%. Growth for 2020 was expected to be near 4% for the worldwide software development field."

In addition to software development skills, we will provide you training on how to create your resume, target your dream company, pass the behavorial interview, pass the technical interview, and negotiate your salary.

20 Weeks is all it takes to change careers. From musician to beautician, from high school to retired, anyone can get a new career in tech. Our live remote instruction allows you to change careers from the comfort of your own home. A computer, internet connection, and a desire to learn will get you started on your new journey. Press the 'I believe' button and get ready for your new career as a software developer.