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Full-Stack Developer

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Daytime . 19 weeks
Mon - Fri   9am - 5pm
Evenings . 40 weeks
Mon - Fri   6 - 10pm
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Our modular curriculum allows you to test into our advanced module;
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Software Development

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Regardless of your chosen path,
you'll benefit from learning Python

Python is easy to learn and gives you access to AI, Data Science...

Python is simple and has a broad range of applications. It is the language of Machine learning, DevOps and Data Science, which generally have higher salaries.
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A focus on advanced skills
makes Code Fusion unique

Data structures & algorithms

You cannot even pass the phone/code screen without this skill

✕ Other bootcamps

✓ Code Fusion


Python proficiency

400 hours of Python lecture and practice in our 401 module

✕ Other bootcamps

✓ Code Fusion

Django Docker nextjs

Django, Docker, Next.js

Modern, full-stack dev tools; widely used in APIs and microservices

✕ Other bootcamps

✓ Code Fusion


Cloud deployment

Experience with AWS, etc. is a common job requirement

✕ Other bootcamps

✓ Code Fusion

Beginner or looking to upskill,
Code Fusion takes you farther!

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Curriculum's Outcomes

Code Fusion licenses its curriculum from Code Fellows.
Roger, our principal instructor, has been an instructor at Code Fellows for 3 years.
These figures are the reported outcome of Code Fellows.

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Web Development

3 modules . 9 weeks

This is the bulk of what most
bootcamps cover in 10+ weeks

30 hours
Markdown html css js bash git github

160 hours
html css js bash git github

160 hours
js React node mongo bootstrap


Advanced Software

1 module . 10 weeks

Advanced skills required
by the job market
-other bootcamps barely touch on these

400 hours of advanced skills

Python Django Docker aws PostgreSQL
tdd React nextjs Numpy Pandas
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Career coaching 2nd to none

In addition to helping you with your resume, pitch, networking... Expect a big push to prepare you for the technical interview -only at Code Fusion.
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Curriculum with the highest placement rate at
Amazon, Apple, Google, Meta and Microsoft


Code Fusion licenses its curriculum from Code Fellows.
Roger, our principal instructor, is an instructor at Code Fellows.

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