More advanced skills
for your buck!

See what you pay and what you get

All full-time bootcamps in the table teach basic web development:
HTML, CSS, JS, and MERN or simlar.

"Adv stack" lists the advanced skills taught, if any.

Adv Cost Cost/
stack Weeks ($k) week
Code Fusion Python, Django, AWS, DS&A 19 $16.5 $868
App Academy DS&A 16 $17.0 $1,063
Flat Iron - 15 $16.9 $1,126
Tech Elevator Java or C# 14 $16.0 $1,139
Coding Dojo Python, FLask, Java 14 $16.5 $1,178
General Assembly - 12 $16.0 $1,329
Code Up Java 20 $27.5 $1,375

What is DS&A? Why is it important?

Data structures and Algorithms. It is an essential skill.

Companies like Google, Meta, Amazon, Dropbox and many others,
screen job applicants on their proficiency before interviewing them.
In other words, you have to pass the DS&A screen, to get to the first interview!

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