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Why Code Fusion?

Why a coding bootcamp?

Because you get an equal or better outcome faster and cheaper

High-quality coding bootcamps are a revolutionary and disruptive force in education:
  • In as little as 20 weeks you can be ready to get a job that is as good as those of a 4-year college program in virtually any field
  • Our program teaches up-to-date professional skills; no time wasted on periferal information or exercises
  • Learn by doing and collaborating, which a far more effective than lectures and reading
What makes Code Fusion better?

We teach a better curriculum in a small-class setting

There is no doubt that a small class is better for students.
Our curriculum is better in many ways:
  • It is constantly updated to match job requirements
  • It dedicates more than half of the total program time to advanced skills
  • It is modular, which gives the student more flexibility to start, stop, resume, test-in, or repeat a module if necessary
Is Code Fusion better value for money?

Yes. We teach more advanced skills at a lower cost per week of instruction

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How does Code-Fusion Compare to a CS Degree?

As you can imagine, there are material differences; especially in time and cost

We teach you the real-world modern skills you need to get a tech job faster, at a much lower cost. In fact some students are Computer Science graduates who want to gain the skills they need to be successful in-field.
Do you offer a job guarantee?

We do not. We also caution you to read the fine print on “job guarantees”.

We understand you're taking a calculated risk with us, so we make our data transparent, and do everything we can to make sure you're ready to land your new job.
What about career coaching?

Our career coaching program is second to none.

From the early stages, to graduation, and post-graduation our program is focused on your success:
  • From 201 through 401, you get over 40 hours of career related instruction and assignments
  • Upon graduation, you Interview to qualify for the Career Accelerator Program
  • After graduation, if needed you will benefit from the Career Accelerator Program

What's the admission process?

Should I attend 101 before applying?

Not necessarily; but if you are not sure coding is for you, you probably should.

Code 101 is a great way to get the information you need to decide if a coding bootcamp if for you.
How do I apply?

Begin by submiting the 'get started' form.

The application process is simple. It aims to make sure a coding bootcamp is for you and get you signed up right away.
  • Call with Admissions
  • Tuition and financing options
  • Documentation
  • Pre-work
How do I test into an advanced module?

If you have a solid basis in the pre-requisites to 301 or 401, you are welcome to test in.

The process is simple:
  • Thoroughly review the 201 and 301 curriculum
  • Schedule a call with admissions
  • To test into 401, you will need to pass a technical interview
  • Provide a project similar to that of the prerequisite course's final project
Is there any required prework before class starts?

201, 301 and 401 have required prework.

Your admission contact will make the relevant link available to you. Be prepared to dedicate 20 to 30 hours.

What's the program like?

How much attention will I get from the principal instructor?

Plenty. A lot more than at other bootcamps.

In all likelihood, your class size will be in the high single digits or low double digits. Compare that to what other bootcamps disclose in their FAQ. Here are a couple of examples from two bootcamps serving Texas:
  • Bootcamp A: "... up to 45 students"
  • Bootcamp B: "... 20-28 students"
Will I learn data structures and algorithms?

Yes. Proficiency in data structures and algorithms is one of the key outcomes of our program.

While most bootcamps do not focus on this all-important skill, in our program you get daily practice from the 201 level on.
Will I be able to learn everything in a short amount of time?

All prospective students have doubts. Only about half of students who start the program graduate from 401.

As you can imagine, the program is challenging; especially 401. There is no easy way to go from zero to competent professional. However, our curriculum has had successful outcomes year after year:
  • 93% job placement
  • $75k median salary
  • 18 weeks median time to hire
How does live remote classes work?

Students learn from the comfort their own homes -no time wasted commuting. All instruction is interactive lecture style, where you can participate and ask questions real-time, and have 1:1 TA support whenever you need it! .

Code-Fusion has a strong commitment to quality. From your first interaction until your last, you will feel the support and passion of our team towards your success:
  • Attend class from anywhere
  • Whiteboarding with interactive co-annotation
  • Polls for tracking progress
  • Learn from full-time expert instructors over a highly interactive real-time video feed
  • No pre-recorded videos or boring slide decks
  • Real-time feedback on projects and assignments
  • Virtual breakout groups where you'll collaborate and interact with fellow students
  • Interactive lab time hosted by instructional staff in small group settings
  • Develop a network of like-minded individuals
  • Daily attendance and feedback on assignments for the same accountability of in-person classes
  • Simulated professional work environment
  • Version control, test-driven development, and continuous integration and deployment using cloud services
  • Hands-on, learning by doing. Lab time focuses on the skills most in-demand in the industry, the use of modern frameworks, up-to-date industry best practices, including collaborative pair-programming and team projects
Why Python?

Python is one of the top 3 progaming languages in the world; and often it ranks as #1.

It is relatively easy to learn and it has a broad and ever-growing range of applications. It is often the standard in new and exciting technology fields, like Machine learning. Here are just a few examples of fields with higher salaries where Python shines:
  • Data science
  • Machin learning
  • DevOps
  • Quant trading

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