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Code 101: Explore Software Development

In this one-day workshop (8 Hours), you'll learn what it looks like to be a software developer in this beginners workshop that focuses on front-end web development technologies.

Code 102: Intro to Software Development

In this one week workshop (30 Hours), you'll build upon Code 101 concepts by working with experienced developers who can help guide you through your learning. This workshop wont make you a developer, but it will expose you to the tools and techniques that developers use, some software concepts, and blast through the prework for Code 201.


Code 201: Foundations of Software Development

Get used to writing syntax and pushing code as you learn the basics of web development through HTML, CSS, Javascript, and the tools and best practices used by software developers around the world.


Code 301: Intermediate Software Development

How does the internet work? What’s the technology behind launching a web app? Are software development teams a thing? In this course, you will go beyond HTML, CSS, and JavaScript syntax and learn how to launch a web app, collaborate on projects, use advanced frameworks and libraries, and work with basic algorithms and data structures.


Code 401: Advanced Software Development in Javascript

Students will learn to build full-stack applications. The first four weeks focus on building back-end web applications with Node.js. During weeks six through nine, students learn to build web apps with modern front-end libraries and frameworks. This course goes in depth into the core competencies of JavaScript, object-oriented programming, and functional programming. Students get hands-on practice in test-driven development with agile tools and best practices.


Code 401: Advanced Software Development in Python

Students will learn to write clean, well-tested, advanced Python code using industry-standard software engineering patterns. They will study the foundational structures of programming, from object-oriented principles to advanced topics such as Django, Docker, and Data Science.