Empower beginners and
those looking to upskill
with the advanced skills
good jobs require.

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Give each student the best shot at having a successful career in tech; at a reasonable cost.


Provide employers with proficient developers who are ready to contribute day-1.

Why was Code Fusion founded?

There is big gap in the skills required by good tech jobs and the skills taught at most bootcamps. Code Fusion was born to fill this void.

Value for money

Code Fusion provides more and better skills at a lower cost per week of instruction.
Duration Cost/
(weeks) Cost week
Code Fusion 19 $16,500 $868
Tech Elevator 14 $15,950 $1,139
Coding Dojo 14 $16,495 $1,178
General Assembly 12 $15,950 $1,329
Code Up 20 $27,500 $1,375
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Code Fusion is all about connecting and collaborating -from pair-programming to industry partnerships- harness the power of doing things together!


We believe there is a way for the our student to achieve greatness:
  • A revolution is happening at the intersection of technology, community, and meaningful careers
  • Dare to dream of fulfilling work and make a sure-footed investment in yourself
  • Meaningful careers are within reach -a few intense months, not years, away- for people who:
    • Want to work with interesting teams and communities
    • Demonstrate technical aptitude
    • Like to tackle cool problems
    • Enjoy creative expression
There is a way to follow the plan:
  • Technology is relevant in every industry. Those who have experience within a specific industry will have a distinct perspective on the impact software can make in that industry
  • Provide an alternative path to great careers for those who already hold degrees or have significant life experience
  • Intensive stacked-module learning allows rapid skill acquisition when the entire learning cycle is engaged
  • Learning happens most effectively when people get together to collaborate, to practice problems and techniques that mirror the industry, and to immerse themselves in the tools, terminology, and technology that they will actually use on the job
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Code Fusion is a remote school licensed
by the Texas Workforce Commission

Students from all regions and
backgrounds welcome!

3749 Pebble Beach
Schertz, TX 78108

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