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Course Description

Code 401: Advanced Software Development in Full-Stack JavaScript

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Course objective:

Students will learn the best practices for developing software and receive training to prepare them to be excellent software developers for companies of all kinds. Graduates of Code 401s are considered to be ready for entrance into the workforce as professional developers upon successful graduation from the program.

Occupational outcome:

Have sufficient skills to be confident applying for and receiving a web developer job.

Course duration:

10 weeks daytime (D) or 20 weeks nighttime (N), totaling 400 hours. Students must earn a passing grade (90%) to complete the Code 401 and become graduates of Code Fellows.

Method of instruction:

Daytime students, during instruction weeks, experience a combination of interactive lecture from an instructor, supervised lab time, and unsupervised coworking and pair-programming time for assignments and projects. Student’s study provided materials and online 3rd-party resources, while they work on assignments and projects. Approximately every fifth day of instruction includes focused job skills training and workshops, in addition to lab/coworking time for assignments and projects. During project weeks, which are all lab-only, students work with a team of peers on special projects, with instructor and teaching assistant oversight and guidance. For nighttime students, the courses are designed to provide the same curriculum, content, and experience over roughly twice the duration of the daytime course equivalents.

Course topics:

REST API development: 40 hours Authentication and authorization: 40 hours - Data persistence with MongoDB and SQL: 40 hours Data structures and algorithms: 40 hours Collaborative app development project: 40 hours React Fundamentals: 40 hours Frontend State management and middleware: 40 hours Career coaching and job search prep: 40 hours Engineering best practices and deployment: 40 hours Collaborative capstone project: 40 hours

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