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Course Description

Code 301: Intermediate Software Development

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Course objective:

Students will understand the common core of development language concepts and frameworks, including data management, front-end architecture, MVC, AJAX, using APIs, and DOM manipulation, to develop Client-Server Applications. Students will also have enough experience to be confident applying for an entry-level web development job or internship. Additionally, this course prepares students for all Code 401 courses, though it does not guarantee admission.

Occupational outcome:

Have sufficient skills to be confident applying for an entry-level website producer job.

Course duration:

O4 weeks daytime (D) or 8 weeks nights (N), totaling 160 hours.

Method of instruction:

Similar to the Code 201 courses, daytime students can expect the first 3 weeks of the program to be structured as a combination of interactive lecture and lab time supported by instructors and teaching assistants, Students study provided materials and online 3rd-party resources, while they work on assignments and projects. The fourth week is a project week where students work on team projects and create an application. For night students, the course is designed to provide the same curriculum, content, and experience over roughly twice the duration of the daytime course equivalent.

Course topics:

Frontend web dev & advanced CSS: 40 hours Backend web dev & APIs: 40 hours MVC apps and WRRC concepts: 40 hours Collaborative app development project: 40 hours

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