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Course Description

Code 102: Intro to Software Development

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Course objective:

Students will understand the basic creation of a web page with HTML, CSS, and the programming language JavaScript. They will use instructor guidance, code snippets, textbooks, and online tutorial instructions to build a learning journal and work through code challenges. They will also collaborate with other students to understand the dynamics of being a developer in a professional work environment. They will identify whether a Code 201 course with Code-Fusion is right for them, given their experience throughout the workshop and their impressions gained from working with an instructor.

Occupational outcome:

Preparation for Code 201.

Course duration:

1 week daytime (D) or 2 weeks nights (N), totaling 30 hours. We also offer a self-paced version to be completed over a flexible 1-month timeframe.

Method of instruction:

This workshop mixes instruction, code demos by the instructor, online 3rd-party resources, and lab assignments throughout class time. The instructor explains topics to the students and then asks students to work individually or in small groups to research and apply the topics to complete assignments. Some tasks may need to be completed as homework, outside of scheduled class times.

Course topics:

Topics and Hours: - GitHub, git, web site publishing: 9 hours - Computer configuration and command-line: 6 hours - HTML & CSS: 6 hours - JavaScript basics: 9 hours

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